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The McDowell Firm, LLC, is a Graniteville, South Carolina based general practice law firm. From the firm's office in Graniteville, we serve a diverse clientele with respect to matters involving South Carolina and Georgia clients.


Attorney Jason McDowell has been practicing law since 2006, and he is licensed to practice law in both Georgia and South Carolina. He is also licensed to practice law before the United States District Court of South Carolina. Attorney McDowell is a graduate of Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia and Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Our firm prides itself not by its size, but by our passion and energy for client service. We realize that clients have many options when it come to contacting law firms and that we have to work hard to gain your business each and every day. Therefore, we do not take you for granted.













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“We always strive to make a great impression upon our clients from the moment they walk through our door.”

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Car Wrecks                                        Criminal Cases


Personal Injury                                    Civil Rights


Truck Collisions                                  Employment Law


V.A. Disability Claims                          Family Court


Workers' Compensation                     School Law







is a Virginia based business law firm. From the firm's offices in Arlington, Alexandria,Richmond, Charlottesville and Norfolk, Smith & Associates serves a diverse client base with respect to matters involving Virginia and international issues.


At The  McDowell Firm, LLC, our experience is different so our perspective is different too. Our firm has a deep appreciation for what it is that you want to see happen in your case. Like you, we want to approach your case with the utmost care and knowledge so that you will can walk away truly satisfied with the final results.


When approaching your case, we will analyze what must be done to answer both your legal and business problems. When working on business transactions, our attorneys will actively look for details that you may have missed. Legal documents are never incomplete, protecting your business against the liabilities a loophole may open.


At Smith & Associates, our attorneys clearly outline the structure of your case and walk you through your entire transaction from start to finish.Our law firm is committed to achieving positive results.













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